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Whether you're developing a documentary, writing a feature script or distributing an animated short film, Production For Use offers a wide range of advice and services for your project. Check out some of our producer services below.

All Services

    • Project Analysis
    • Script Coverage
    • Story Development
    • Sizzle/Clip Review

    • Budget Support
      • Analysis of current project budget
      • Production cost research and analysis
    • Fundraising Support
      • Strategizing potential sources of funding – grants, foundations, sponsors and corporate investment
      • Analysis of current investment materials to help best showcase the film for potential investors
      • Development of Investor prospect list & investment pitches
    • Legal Support
      • Music & Video Licensing consultation

    • Campaign Management
      • Please inquire within
    • Campaign Advising
      • Customized Artist Service Package
        • Crowdfunding checklist
        • Campaign 101 materials
        • Email outreach 101
        • Campaign outreach materials templates
        • Grassroots and online outreach strategies
        • Social media best practices
        • Press and PR best practices
        • Audience engagement and marketing templates
        • Crowdfunding event planning strategies
      • Advising
        • One-on-one phone, in-person client sessions as needed
          • Advisor response within 24 hours
        • Campaign Review
          • Advisor will review campaign prior to launch and provide feedback for campaign optimization
        • Campaign Monitoring
          • Advisor will contact client when new ideas or suggestions regarding campaign arise
          • Advisor will contact client when marketing and outreach ideas arise
          • Client may contact advisor for suggestions, analysis and other consulting needs throughout campaign prep and launch
    • Campaign Consulting
      • Hourly consultation
        • Schedule an appointment with one of our Campaign Specialists at least 1 week in advance

    • Film Festival Promo
      • Customized festival advising and research
    • Sales and Distribution Strategy
      • Customized market research
      • Development of distribution strategy
        • Broadcast, Theatrical, Semi-Theatrical, VOD, Educational, International
    • Festival Premiere Grassroots Marketing/Promotion Advising
      • Festival Premiere Promotion Checklist
      • Grassroots Marketing 101 & materials
      • Email outreach 101 & materials
      • Social media best practices
      • Grassroots PR best practices
      • Audience engagement 101
    • Educational Sales Outreach and Marketing
      • Email List Generation
      • Email Marketing

How it Works:

1. First you will be asked to fill out a form so PFU might better evaluate your needs and objectives.

2. PFU will offer a free hour-long consultation with at least one core team member.

3. After the initial meeting, PFU will develop a plan addressing your needs.

4. You will provide PFU with a script and all pertinent material connected to the project including film footage and storyboards.

5. If everything checks out, we will sign a contract and begin work on your project.

We Offer Advice in the
Following Areas

Project Analysis / Script Development / Pre-production
Production / Post-production / Fund-raising
Crowd-funding / Audience Building Consultation /
Distribution / Film Festival Strategizing

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